This is your opportunity to reach 27 million homes with Direct Response TV that works!

Ideal Shopping is a multi-channel operator also able to offer an “Airtime Purchase” proposal to vendors. In practice, this is where you can ‘buy your own show’, and it is a winning formula, in providing you with an effective and exciting way of driving lead generation for your products and services or real time sales with the support of Ideal World.

Indeed, your own Ideal World show can drive high quality leads or immediate sales, wherever there is a purchase decision to be made or a call to action, either your own sales staff or customer process flow can be utilised or you can make use of the Ideal World Infrastructure and we can handle the transaction (Product Only) on your behalf.. We have some great success stories over many years in developing shows and business for our Holiday, Leisure and Home Improvement partners.

Spot Costs
Ideal World
National Coverage 7am-11pm
42 Minutes – £10,000-15,000

ITV Nightly Airtime – 00:00-03:00
National Coverage
15 Mins From £8,500
45 Mins From £22,500
60 Mins From £29,000

Rates can fluctuate +/- 20% or more from these depending on month and channel and agreed frequency.

Contact us to discuss in more detail how we can create your campaign.

A Few of Our Airtime Partnerships

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Airtime Sales

Retail Partnerships Team

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Commercial Buying Team

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