Welcome to Ideal Shopping Direct

… where we are incredibly passionate about delivering a dynamic and entertaining shopping experience via our multi-channel approach. Working closely with our stakeholders, be they suppliers, investors, employees and of course our customers we are proud of our unique and innovative approach to TV and Web retailing. We are determined to create a constant stream of innovative, entertaining and must-have products supported by both strong Brands and our own unique retail brands, which will constantly ensure we provide excellent value and delight our shoppers.

We have embarked on a strategy of continual improvement in the last few years which has placed our customer first in whatever we do. Thus, via our approach to total supply chain stewardship, we have created a logistics and fulfilment offer which constantly meets our shoppers’ needs for value, innovation and service time and time again.

Our Vision

Is to build domestic and international partnerships which enable Ideal Shopping Direct to build on its reputation as a leading multi-channel retailer. Bringing your products to life is our main objective, and as a multi-channel retailer we can do so.


We pride ourselves on our ability to market products and brands with a combination of a deep knowledge of our shoppers and their needs.

Our Strategy

  • To work with our supplier and partners to source and develop our ranges to be the best in category in terms of value, performance and quality
  • To build trust and loyalty with our shoppers to ensure sustainable growth for the future of Ideal Shopping Direct
  • To create and develop brands which generate trust with our target shoppers
  • To build on our platform of 2 million shoppers and create a wider platform of loyalty both in the UK market and internationally

About Our Shoppers

Star Ratings and Reviews

A Five Star Review

Ideal Shopping Direct has a great reputation with its shoppers, and they tell us regularly with hundreds of five star reviews on products in all our categories. Five star reviews are generated by excellent products, which offer unique and exciting experiences for our shoppers and that comply with legal requirements and are marketed to their full potential.

We love getting five star reviews which enhance our reputation and grow your product!

Happy Customers

Our Customers

Via our comprehensive analytics utilising our significant data base, and a range of geo demographic marketing tools, we understand our shoppers and their needs. At Ideal Shopping Direct we have a wide ranging portfolio of shoppers all who come to our TV and Web channels for unique, quality products and Brands that enhance their lives. Our shoppers profile is very much middle affluent household families with middle to high disposable income. They are very keen active consumers who are into everything from hobby arts and crafting, gardening, DIY, to fashion, cooking, travelling and gifting. They always look for new ideas, and as astute shoppers they understand the value if a great product or brand.


Our Crafters

Both females and males who shop at our Create and Craft TV and web channel are incredibly loyal and are constantly seeking new products and innovation to challenge and grow their creativity. Our channels and web pages offer brands, products and projects which educate, entertain and challenge our crafters, in all aspects of crafts from paper crafting to sewing, knitting, jewellery making and quilting. We also have a close and special relationship with our crafters, as the Create and craft club now has a community of over 100,000 members and growing, all rewarded with special deals and member discounts.

Brands and Partners

We offer an exciting, personal, informative and convenient home shopping retail experience with a distinct personality, via our digital television shopping channels and websites. We also supply craft products wholesale to major high street retailers, such as Wilkinson, and to independent retailers.

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